A Rally In Wolaita-Sodo Called for Wolaita Statehood


Several thousand attended a rally in Wolaita calling for a statehood and self-administration status of Wolaita. The main points raised during the rally were Wolaita’s do not negotiate on their historical, natural, and constitutional right of self-ruling. Also demanded justice for ethnic-based killing, displacement, and robbery of many Wolaiyas and other Ethiopians.

The demonstrators also protested against Southern Ethiopian People Democratic Movement(SEPDM) stating the party needs to stop its administration abuse and unfairness to divide Wolaitas’ on an ethnic and religious basis. The protestors also called for the cancellation of the last census report. Among other lists of demands, making Wolaita a federal language was also seen in some of the slogans carried by the protesters.

Their quest for statehood comes amid the electoral board spokesperson recent statement that hinted the Sidama quest for region status is the first task to be processed by the electoral board.


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