Abiy’s Visit in Three African Countries: Was it a Success?

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Prime minister Abiy Ahmed has returned home today after a week-long visit in three African countries. His stay in Guinea Conakry, Equatorial Guinea, and South Africa for the past six days was filled with honor, agreement, and serious discussions.


The Republic of Guinea, the West African country, was Abiy’s first destination on 7 January. Upon arrival, he was received by Alpha Conde, president of Guinea. According to the Office of the Prime Minister, the two countries signed a partnership agreement to work in cooperation in the areas of agriculture, tourism, mining, and energy.


The president of Guinea had visited Ethiopia months ago and they signed an agreement to cooperate on the fields of health, education, financial management, agriculture, tourism, and culture.


During his visit in guinea, Abiy took the chance to meet the business community from Nigeria to discuss possible investment opportunities in Ethiopia.


After concluding his stay in West Africa, the PM headed to the Central African country, Equatorial Guinea. He discussed bilateral issues with the president of Equatorial Guinea, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasog. And the countries signed a memorandum of understanding to work together in the areas of culture and tourism.


Additionally, prime minister Abiy was honored with the highest national accolade of Equatorial Guinea. The award presented by the President of the Eq. Guinea was to recognize the efforts of PM Abiy to bring peace in the country and the continent.


South Africa was the premier’s final destination. He paid a two days visit in South Africa and discussed with Cyril Ramaphosa on mutual and regional issues. According to reports, the prime minister called Ramaphosa, to mediate the dispute with Egypt on the Nile dam. The president who will become the chairman of the African Union soon, expressing his country’s willingness to facilitate the negotiation between the two countries.


Prime minister addressed the Ethiopian diaspora in SA at the Imperial Wonders Cricket stadium in Johannesburg. He is the first-ever prime minister to address the diaspora there directly. In a stadium full of Ethiopians, Abiy told them that the president of SA had promised him to make it easier for Ethiopian nationals to obtain documentation of immigration and asylum.


Additionally, Abiy said that the government of SA showed a positive response to ease the problems the diaspora is facing, including xenophobic attacks.