Achare Shoe to Produce the Late Hanna Mesfin’s Album


Hanna Mesfin (Honey Spice), a popular vocalist with four singles, ቀና ብየ ፣ አትጎትጉተኝ ፣ ዞማዪ እና ፍቅርን ተውልኝ, died last week in a car accident. In addition to her popular singles, vocalist Hanna Mesfin was known for performing at various nightclubs.

Vocalist Hannah has been working on her studio album with various composers by mixing other African music styles with Ethiopian music and creating her unique style.

Achare Shoe (አቻሬ ጫማ), which is known for supporting the works of several artists, has committed to producing Hanna’s album. Hanna was the mother of one child. The income generated from the album sale will be donated to her family.