Addis Ababa Resumes Sale of Immovable Properties

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The Federal Documents Authentication and Registration Agency (DARA) has resumed authenticating and registering contracts related to the sale of immovable properties today, August 13, 2020.

The Agency had stopped the service since June 24, 2020, as the Novel Coronavirus increased in the country.

People who have entered into a sale of immovable contracts in the past two months can authenticate and register their agreements at all 15 branches of the Agency in Addis Ababa and Dire Daw City Administration.

However, the Agency is giving priority to those who have taken a queue at its online system. Through its online data base, the Agency had been queuing service requests it had temporarily stopped.

The online queue was started with aims to organize and minimize word load when the Agency would resume the service.

Accordingly, around 2000 people had registered. The Agency has dedicated the next six days to only cater to these customers, and walk-in customers won’t get a service.

The Agency, which serves around 6000 customers a day, will resume full for all customers looking to authenticate and register their immovable sale contacts on August 20, 2020.