An Open Letter to Ethiopian Prime Minister, Dr. Abiy Ahmed


By: Abdiaziz Ali

Dear Honorable Prime minister,

It is well known that there are large IDPs in Oromia and Somali Region. These IDPs are displaced by the conflict erupted along the long borders between Oromia and Somali Regional States which later spread in to the towns and cities of both regions. Mr. PM, it was February first week when you addressed the Parliament and talked about many issues like; Defense Force, Universities and Bringing Criminals to the Court and even IDP situations. As a result, I am here to share my reflections of that speech in this piece and will focus on one of the topics things from your speech; I) Internal Displaced Peoples in the Country.

Internal Displaced People (IDPs)

Mr. Pm today Almost three million people have been internally displaced. Two-third of them have fled from the conflict. I will focus this piece the case of Somali region which is hosting the biggest Conflict induced IDP.

Mr. PM, you said in the speech you addressed in front of the MP that ninety percent of the IDP are retuned back to their placed of origins while the Somali region is hosting the highest numbers in Conflict induced IDPs in the Memory of the country and they scattered from in very concentrated camps in like, Qoloji, Gabagabo, Darussalam, Moyale and many more who are staying in their relative in the towns of the region.

Still the very deprived children fled their homes at the middle of no time are sitting in the camps while they are traumatized and need psychosocial support. These young Children in these IDPs are lacking their Basic Social services, like; an education which gives the children the opportunity to reach their potential and full fill their dreams. But for thousands of children in these IDPs the chance of education is no more than a dream.

I have no idea Mr. PM whether you are misinformed about the figure you mention in which ninety percent of the IDPs returned to their home, or whether you blindly answered the question raised by one of the MPs. I wish to apologize the people you represent who are still in the middle of nowhere and you don’t know what they are facing and you blackmailed too even. I believe the same in the other region like Oromia that IDPs did not return to their homes. So that send them too an apology Boss.

Mr. PM, to my knowledge and what is documented the IDPs in in Somali region like the notorious Camp of Qoloji still hosts 80,000 individuals according to recent publishment of EU (and these figures are those who are registered only but I believe the figure is more than that). These are including women and Children who need Basic Projection men and youth who were one of the muscles of our Ethiopian growing economics. These Men and Youth who were the productive workforce were farmers who were producing Coffee, Fruits, Peanut and the like in their farms located various places like Balbaleti, and those who merchandise a Khat(Jaad) in Awayday town are sitting tightly in the IDPs and waits for the very limited humanitarian aid by today.

How are these people can go back PM to their locations while those who massacre their brothers and innocent Commuinty in Awayday and Balbaleti are still dinning on air while they should eat Injera in AlemBeka prison by now. They belong there and put them please behind the bars and let them share Injera with those who are paying the prize of August 4 for what happened in Jigjiga. Otherwise we are kidding and our eyes are looking.

Mr. PM in my conclusion I wish you to clarify everyone who couldn’t able to swallow about your answer, about the IDPs. I heard that National Disaster Risk Management Commission called DPPBs of the Regions who are hosting the IDPs and instructed about bringing the relocation plan that is yet to happen. Look this is one government you are holding the top job and you said ninety percent returned to their home and the commission called the regions yet; which one is right?

CC: National Disaster Risk Management Commission, Somali and Oromia Regions Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Buraus