Artist Tewodros Teshome Refuses To Transfer 70,000 USD Fund Raised for Artist Fikadu Teklemariam


Artist Tewodros Teshome refused to transfer a 70,000 USD that was fundraised through a GoFundMe account to cover medical expenses of the late artist Fikadu Tekelemariam. Before his passing a GoFundMe account was set up by Artist Tewodros Teshome for the renowned theater and film actor because he had suffered a kidney failure and was advised to receive a kidney transplant.

In a press conference that was conducted yesterday key committee members including Artist Meseret Mebrate, Artist Mekdes Tsegaye, and Artist Tewodros Tesfaye expressed their frustration in the way
Tewodros Teshome is handling Fikadu Teklemariam fund.

During the press conference, the committee that was set up to run fundraising for Artist Fikadu Teklemariam provided the amount of money that was raised and the amount of money that remains in the account. The committee has been transparent in their way of conducting the funds including setting up the bank account that is currently being managed by three of the artists in the committee.

Despite the openness and clarity provided from the committee in handling the funds, Artists Tewodros Teshome expressed his distrust in the committee. As a result, the artist refused to transfer the funds. One of the solutions that were provided by the committee was to create more trust with Tedros Teshome was to make him part of the bank account holders and allow him to transfer the fund. Despite the offer, Tewodros has shown no interest in trying to resolve the issue with the committee.

During the press conference artist, Artist Mekdes Tsegaye pleaded the public not to shy away from supporting the needy in the future despite such fund handling irregularities. She begged the public not to be affected by the action of few in supporting people that need help. While Artist Tewodros Tesfaye reflected a shared view of the committee in which they have no remaining patience to resolve this issue in negotiation and hinted they are prepared to go to court.

Tewodros Teshome believes he has the sole right in handling the fund and despite the committee and others believe about him he will make sure to erect a statue for the late Artist Fikadu Teklemariam. Fikadu Tekelemariam’s family attended the press conference and made it clear to the public that they are not involved in any of this fiasco.