Bitania Lulu Among 35 Emerging Young Leaders

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In every setback, there is the motivation that drives a person to be the solution or at least to not be part of the problem. Growing up as a woman in Africa has its own attributes to create an advantage in a disadvantageous condition. 

Bitania Lulu is one of the young leaders in Africa challenging the framework guiding the system. she not only questions the cultural setbacks but also inspires youths to be leaders. 

After holding her  Master of Arts in Human and Economic Development in African Studies from Addis Ababa University, she started working as a researcher at the Center for Dialogue. , Research and Cooperation (CDRC) and chairs the Amref Youth Advisory Group (AYAG) with a passion for youth empowerment, sustainable development, and lasting impact. With her intensive involvement in this area, she has set the bars high for African leaders in terms of youth leadership. 

She has served in various youth development programs like the Youth Programme Designer with Population Services International (PSI) and is the International Branches Coordinator of the Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa (YALDA), with an insight to tackle fundamental problems African women facing. 

Prior to joining the Centre for Dialogue, Research, and Cooperation (CDRC), she worked with the Africa Union Economic, Cultural & Social Council (AU-ECOSOCC) in Digital Media and Public Relations,

She is a talented leader, a strong manager with expertise in strategic planning and advocacy, and an inspiring public speaker who has been invited to speak and make interventions at local and international forums. She has received a number of notable international accolades for her passion and commitment to Africa’s Development.