Breaking: Eskinder Nega and controversial prisoners to be released


The opposition Balderas for Genuine Democracy founder Eskinder Nega, and his colleagues’ were released this afternoon.

Following Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’sAhmed’s statement in the spirit of Ethiopian Christmas, Gena noted the need for “national reconciliation.”
He noted, “Because it will enable us to maintain our unity, it’s a given that Ethiopia will benefit from reconciliation,”

In July, prisoners including Eskeinder Nega, Sintayehu Chekol, Keleb Seyoum, and Askale Demise of Balderas were taken, subsequently linking the June 29, 2020 assassination of Hachalu Hundessa, a notable Oromo artist. Prosecutors filed terrorism charges against them in September 2020.

Other prisoners, including Bekele Gerba and Jawar Mohammed, are also ruled to be released today. Unfortunately, they refused to be let go today due to the late hour.


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