Catch Taxi Addressing Economic Challenges of Cab drivers Amid COVID-19

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The government of Ethiopia encouraged and imposed some restrictions to make people stay at home as a measure to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. The rules could cause a financial crisis to some business and services such as ride-hailing.

In the past couple of years, the tech-based ride-hailing services have boomed in Ethiopia. The business created job opportunities for thousands of people within a short period.

Besides the risk of infection, the cab drivers have to face an economic struggle as a number of their customers are staying at home.

Considering the income of the drivers is falling in high percentage because of coronavirus, Catch Taxi, one of Addis Ababa based taxi-hailing tech companies, made arrangements to give drivers 30 birr bonus per single ride they complete.

Launched in 2018, by Taam Technology Solutions PLC, Catch Taxi have registered more than 3000 drivers so far. Besides the bonus offer, the company had been assisting its drivers by giving them commission-free service for a limited period.

Such assistance from technology firms could help communities whose livelihood depends on their daily income.

The number of people infected by COVID 19 surpassed 100 in Ethiopia, and the infection rate has also been increased. The government encourages people to avoid ridesharing and keep recommended physical distancing.