Commander Taye Habtegiorgis captured after suspected links to TPLF

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Debre Berhan City Police Office Commander Taye Habtegiorgis is reported to have been arrested.

Commander Taye was arrested for “security concerns” and for releasing individuals suspected of links to the TPLF.

The head of the city’s Peace and Security Office, Daniel Eshete, told media: 

“We are receiving reports from the public that there are other leaders involved in this crime and we are working to clarify the information,” Eshete told FBC.

Following the city administration announced that it will not be able to operate in Debre Berhan town without the residents of Debre Berhan town and individuals with Debre Berhan town ID starting tomorrow.

The administration said in a statement that it had “discovered that hackers were involved in various areas of the city and that they were working to identify and disseminate the area and free the area.”

It is stated that for the sake of the safety of the city and its residents, it is not possible to move around the city during the day without the presence of Debre Berhan residents and ID holders.

The city administration has also announced that people who have been displaced from different parts of the country will seek refuge in Debre Berhan.