Conflict in Ethiopia stresses International Relation and Media

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Since 4 November 2020, a devastating armed conflict has been raging in northern Ethiopia. The war was expanded by the TPLF into areas outside Tigray, where major abuses on local inhabitants were perpetrated.

Notably, the Western ‘donor country’ policymakers and the UN were selective and incomplete in their appraisal of the conflict and in diplomatic actions towards it. These reports, in addition to the cyber warfare and the repeated lecturing by western countries of Ethiopia as the ‘bad guy’ taking on a smaller region (Tigray), reveal a measure of ignorance and misplaced ‘victim bias’, and evoke a host of questions not only on the interests of the global media but also (again) on the role of social media propaganda and on the workings of the international system and the UN.

So, in general, the responses of the ‘international community, notably the ‘donor countries’ of the EU and the USA in the current conflict in Ethiopia have been a problem and have even prolonged the conflict.

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