Will the efforts made by the Ethiopian government lead to peace or chaos


It has been one week since PM  Abiy Ahmed commander in chief of the armed force went to lead the troops, the decision is not to escalate the conflict but rather a constitutional obligation to preserve and insure state coherence within the country by obliging to what is expected from. 

TPLF so far is escalating the conflict in two regions moreover there are members based in the US openly declared efforts to overthrow a democratically elected government by force conspiring to dismantle the peaceful state of the country.  

The office of the prime minister gave a briefing regarding the following issues:

Humanitarian aid for troops and IDP

There is a misconception that active combat is happening in the Tigray region which is misleading. The national defense force has been out of the Tigray region for 5 months now, a lot of fighting is happening in the territories of the Amhara region a lot of lives have been lost in the Amhara and Afar region. 

Provision of support to the region, the federal government, the national disaster risk management commission is mobilizing supports for IDP in the region. as of October 21, 2021, the government with its partners has distributed over 36,000 quintals of food, more than 225 thousand displaced people. The food consists of wheat, rice, and oil.  regional health bureau is deploying mobile teams in conflicted weredas and IDP sides. 

Specifically humanitarian aids in the Tigray region, since November 23, 2021, the united nation and humanitarian air service flight to Mekelle have resumed. The humanitarian organization has reiterated their stuff in and out of Tigray and transferred operational cash to the region. 

Since then two rounds of fights have been conducted estimated 40 million to Mekelle for the administration in program budget expenditures.

353 trucks with humanitarian supplies are currently headed to the Tigray regional state from Semera carrying 9600 metric tons of food.1680 metric tons of non-food items. And a total of 116 trucks already reached Mekelle town over the past two days. 1140 trucks have been deployed to Mekelle to deploy humanitarian cargo. 

 Efforts made for Peaceful Resolution 

The pathway to peace has always been there, it has been there from the beginning when TPLF was drumming the war narrative before the altercation these calls have been falling on deaf ears so far, people from the Tigray community and diaspora also have been pushing TPLF to seize belligerent activities. considering the complexity of the situation one size fits all type of solution won’t fix it. we are expecting proposals coming from the African Union as well. 

The PM also made a call today to TPLF fighters to surrender peacefully and end the needless generation of youth of Tigray who are being driven to the frontline by TPLF. this call is also the extension of the previous several calls since the war began and aims at preventing bloodshed

Concerning the state of emergency 

It has been almost three weeks since the enactment of a nationwide state of emergency, its put as sinister action prevention planned by the terrorist organization in Addis Ababa well as other parts of the country.

The proclamation has been enacted to avert traits against the national existence and sovereignty considering the scale and the killing and looting and other humane actions done by the terrorist group.

The state of emergency has been good in foiling plans of the TPLF to destroy Ethiopia in the conspiring attacks and support embedded within civilians’ efforts.

TPLF should not be positioned as the legitimate favorite because once dominated politics, they once dominated the economy as well as the military of the country and because they have lais out networks of convenience being deployed in the shaping of a false narrative globally.