Egyptian Air Force On High Alert After Al-Sisi Call

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Egypt Air Force is put on high alert following President Abdel Fattah El-SIsi  order for his army to be ready  to conduct any military mission inside or outside the country. Several Middle East media outlets interpreting the call as a warning to Turkey and a potential intervention of Egypt in Libya. 

President Al Sisi’s call for military readiness  was interpreted differently in Ethiopia. In which several expressed their outrage on Social Media linking the warning as Egypt’s empty threat and urged the government to proceed accordingly to plan in filling the dam. Prominent activists like Jawar Mohammed also called out the statement as a  domestic political consumption. 


Though most of the statements from Egyptian President were targeting Libya,he also didn’t pass without mentioning Ethiopia. The president addressed Ethiopia saying, “we appreciate your right in development and assert that you have to appreciate our right in life.”

On Friday,Egypt called the United Nation Security Council to intervene in the Ethiopia Renaissance Dam. Despite the call,Ethiopia has affirmed its firm stance in carrying out filling the dam with or without any agreement with Sudan and Egypt.