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Ethio Locate is an ingenious effort by a young entrepreneur to remodel the way how people travel. Every great story starts with a terrible experience insight, Yishak Amdeselassie founder and CEO of Ethio Locate mentions, “I was in the venture of taking a trip outside of the city, and I was baffled there was no platform to guide me through my journey, or able to find necessary information for my travel and that gave me an idea on how I can solve this issue.” Traveling can be exciting and adventurous but without a piece of considering valuable information about safety, accommodation and traction the experience can be daunting.


Being a technophile himself, finding a digital solution that would bridge the tourism resources and providing credential travel guide to users seems long overdue especially considering the increasing use of technology and the lack of platforms providing outstanding services. “we have been working on our platform for some time now, gathering requirements from our potential customers and users so we could build a platform that the customers need and that would tackle the hustle of getting an organized and filtered digital data under one place.” Stated the founder of Ethio Locate.


He first came up with an idea to establish an Ethiopian tech start-up, Y- Tech (Youth-Tech) a digital hub known for giving a digital solution for several local and foreign clients. One of the services the hub acquired is Ethio locate. The website has been giving services for over a year and now, a mobile application is ready to users on the play store.


Researches show that there is exponential growth in the tourism sector, in 2014 the tourism sector contributed 4.5 %of the Ethiopia economy and its exponential growth showed that in 2019 it has incremented to 9% showing the traction of tourism is expanding during the years. Given the market opportunity “travelers all over need services provider information’s and locations.” Yishak told Addis Insight.


“And the service providers need a digital platform where they can advertise their services. we want to create a digital platform to showcase what Ethiopia has to offer to the world.”


Although the demand rises for a credible information source, the lack of technological setbacks could be setbacks for eager tech start-ups like Ethio locate. “Most Ethiopian businesses are comfortable without the help of a digital tool, and they would double their profits if they starting digital platforms,” shared his concerns. The startup offers features like a digital platform for service providers to promote their services through a business tag and category, description of their service supported by images, videos, or GIFs, their working hours, Rating and reviewing capabilities for users to give feedback on the services they were provided with.


Nearby places to discover places in the range of 1000 KMs. Users can set up to 50 KMs radius of their current location in the application and up to 1000 KMs on the website to look for and visit what these places have to offer. Search for your favorite places supported by filters based on categories and cities. 


Multiple language options making the platform convenient for both local users and tourists.

Yishak added, “Ethio Locate gives service for event organizers to announce, schedule and locate their events and also manage their RSVP through our Ethio Locate events service. We also advertise our country’s tourist attractions, destinations, and the history of our great country through well-organized content written by our young Ethiopian bloggers because we believe our country’s history needs to be written and advertised by ourselves.”


“A plan to be one of the biggest travelers guide platforms in the country is one of our priorities in the coming years.” Added Yishak.

Joining the jump start acceleration program at Ice Addis, one of the digital incubation hubs that support tech startups in has helped the start-up to go forward with the support of space, counseling, and any hindrance regarding the tech business. The hub also helps organize a launching event of the Ethio Locate App with an opening speech given by Co-founder of ice Addis, Markos Lemma, Founder of Ethio Locate, Yishak Amdeselassie, and Ice Addis startup incubation team member, Bruck Sewnet. Footnoted the environs of digital imperatives in tech start-ups.


Unraveling the setbacks of our societal lifestyle is one of the entrepreneur’s lines of business, that helps aspire to come generations and make life easier. As part of tech revolutions, Ethio Locate is one of the visionary start-ups daring to disrupt the ordinary traveling style into an inevitable exciting experience for users.

you can download the App from play store: Touch Me

Check out the website for more: Touch Me