Ethiopia Closed Schools, Public Gatherings As Coronavirus Cases Increase

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Ethiopian government closed down schools, public gatherings, and sports events as a measure to slow down the spread of coronavirus. Prime minister Abiy has ordered a two weeks shut down today following coronavirus pandemic infection hits five in Ethiopia.


“Large gatherings and meetings to be postponed, including sporting events. Small gatherings to not be undertaken without consulting the Ministry of Health,” reads the press release of the Office of the Prime Minister. It also gave the order to religious institutions to limit gatherings.


Additionally, schools, but higher education institutions, will be closed. And the Ministry of Science and Higher Education will deliver online courses to university students in their dorms.


On the other side, a massive increase in food, sanitary products, and other consumer goods, as the coronavirus case reported in Ethiopia, caused additional tension on the community. According to the statement of the office, the Ministry of Trade will monitor and take measures against businesses that made unnecessary increases in the price of goods.


The government is also allocated a budget to distribute prevention materials such as masks and alcohol solutions in ‘critical locations.’


Ethiopian Airlines flight to all its destinations regularly despite the high rated spread of coronavirus caused doubt about the cautiousness of the government from the community.


In addition to that, large public gatherings such as fundraisers for Prosperity Party and Mekedonia Humanitarian Association, as well as  Women’s 5km run last weekend just after the pandemic confirmed in Ethiopia, had increased the uncertainty on the government.


At least 27 African states have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic so far. Many countries imposed travel bans and closed schools to curb the spread of the virus.