Ethiopia to Implement The YouthConnekt Programme to Empower the Youth


Ethiopia prepared to start “YouthConnekt Ethiopia,” which benefits the youth population. Ministry of Women, Children, and Youth announced that it had completed preparations for the official launch of the program.


YouthConnekt program is a model that intends to empower the youth for employment, entrepreneurship, and civic engagement. The program also helps to Progressively influence of the YouthConnekt Africa Summit by the participating urban youth voices on shaping the YouthConnekt Africa Hub; Ensure progressive commitment from participating stakeholders on urban youth development in Africa and the global south; Establish and strengthen models of the South-South cooperation to support urban youth networks, learning, knowledge sharing, and markets.


The ministry on a statement about the program said that, besides leveraging interconnection among the youth, YouthConnekt benefits the youth to solve various types of social and economic difficulties. It also empowers them to take a decisive role in peace, prosperity, and development of their country and continent as well.


Additionally, the program is implemented based on high-level ideas that have significant strategic benefits. Those ideas are about personality development, job creation, community services, and peace and democracy. The ministry also briefed that the YouthConnekt program is part of the YouthConnekt Africa initiative.


The President of Rwanda and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) initiated the program in 2012. Now fourteen nations in Africa are implementing the YouthConnekt.


This program could have significant importance, especially in a country with 70 percent of the population under the age of 30, and nearly 30 percent of them are unemployed.


Accordingly, Ethiopia made preparations to implement the YoungConnekt program adapting to its context. According to the Ministry of  Women, Children, and Youth, the program will start its implementation in all regions and city administrations by December 10, 2019.