Ethiopian Airlines Continues China Flight Despite Coronavirus Threat


Ethiopian Airlines announced that it had not suspended flights to China despite the coronavirus outbreak. On its statement on Thursday, the airlines assured that it would continue flights to destinations in China.


The airlines have five destinations in China, namely, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Hong Kong. According to the statement, it would make the usual ‘supply and demand adjustment’ during the Chinese New Year Holidays.


Airlines in the world, including Kenya and Rwanda, suspended flights to and from China as the country struggles with coronavirus outbreak. More than 200 people had died so far, and the virus has infected at least 8000 people.


The virus had spread to other countries. As a result, The World Health Organization have declared coronavirus on Thursday that the global emergency.


In Ethiopia, four people had been suspected of the virus infection, but after the sample sent to South Africa, the test result turns out negative.


The airline notified that it has been following WHO, IATA, and CDC guidelines to protect passengers and flight crew from the virus infection. To achieve this, it is working closely with Ethiopian and Chinese authorities.


The Ethiopian flag carrier and the giant-African airline, have been flying to China since 1973. At the time, it was the first airline in Africa and fourth in the world to fly to China. Besides having five destinations, it is planning to add three more gateways to China.


The airline’s statement reads, “China is one of the strongest and one of the oldest markets for Ethiopian Airlines…we would like to reassure our full commitment to stand with [people and government of China] at all times.”