Ethiopian Diaspora to Open Dialysis Unit at Menelik II Referal Hospital

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An Ethiopian diaspora from Atlanta, Georgia, is going to open a state of the art dialysis unit at Menelik II Referral Hospital.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed made a call to the Ethiopian diaspora to come home for the upcoming Ethiopian Christmas and Epiphany holidays.

Among the diaspora who responded to the call, Tigist Abebe, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Yeabe Medical Center and Rehabilitation said she has been doing various activities to start dialysis service with an outlay of over 10 million birr in Ethiopia over the past four months.

Menelik II Referral Hospital CEO, Dr. Tadesse Habte-yohannes said on his part the number of users of dialysis service in Ethiopia is high.

Therefore, this dialysis unit is very important as the facility will give services for 200-240 persons in a week upon completion. That is over tenfold increase from the present 24.

“When this dialysis unit becomes operational, we think that it will double the service. Related to this is ophthalmology, which is rare in Ethiopia and is known as Menelik Hospital’s specialty. The construction of a building with 2 basement and 4 floors will be completed this week to open a standard ophthalmology (eye) center where people can avoid going out of the country for the treatment. I think the country needs a lot of help in this regard. I would like to take this opportunity to call on the Ethiopian diaspora who have the capacity to extend help,” he said.

So, the government can continue to facilitate transactions to make them smooth, easier, transparent; and have good administrators so that the diaspora can feel comfortable and have the confidence to invest in his/her country, to share information, work, move to Ethiopia and create small businesses.