Ethiopian Government revokes PDC license


Civil Society Organization Peace and Development Center revokes registration license.

The letter, signed by the Authority’s Director-General Jima Dilbe, states that the organization’s license was revoked bypassing a state of emergency.

The reason for the cancellation was stated in the letter as follows:

“In accordance with Article 4, Sub-Article 9 of the State of Emergency Proclamation to Protect the Threat to National Existence and Sovereignty It can be ordered to be canceled.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Justice announced in a letter dated November 26, 2021, that the Emergency Proclamation Department has decided to revoke the license of the above-mentioned (Peace and Development Center) organization.

Accordingly, the registration certificate of the Civil Society Organization, which is called the Center for Peace and Development, has been revoked from today, November 26.

According to the letter, the Authority has issued an order to take over the assets of the company in collaboration with the relevant body.

Recently, the organization hosted an online discussion with the leadership of Prof. Ephraim, including Ambassador Berhane Gebre-Christos, who had links to the TPLF, with the participation of Eleni G. Medhin and other foreigners.