Ethiopian Ministers Dominate Leadership Awards

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Two Ethiopian ministers Melaku Alebel, Minister for Ministry of Trade and Industry, and Ahmed Shide, Minister of Finance, scooped leadership awards from The African Leadership magazine, a UK based magazine that highlights African stories.

Melaku won the African Business Leadership Award of the Year 2020. The award was given to the minister to recognize his exceptional and innovative business leadership success, COVID-19 related business crisis management ability, and restoring a stable business environment in Ethiopia.

The UK based magazine awarded Melaku in response to his capability of directing or steering the ministry successfully in stabilizing the local market and promoting the export market as a driving force to national growth and providing exemplary leadership in Africa’s COVID-19 response to date yet playing a pivotal role in creating a stable moving forward business climate.

The African Business Leadership Awards is a prestigious recognition event to reward exceptional corporate practices and outstanding achievers in Africa’s business landscape. The 2020 edition especially recognizes business leaders, visionaries, and innovators that continue to shape African economies and drive today’s leading businesses to make outstanding contributions to Africa’s economic development and post COVID-19 integrated responses and recovery.

The award is in keeping with Africa’s tradition of presenting the continent’s businesses and leaders’ sides, which hardly finds placement on global media platforms, celebrating exemplary business leadership.

Melaku was appointed as Minister for Trade and Industry at the end of January 2020. Before his latest appointment, he served as head of the Amhara Regional State Industry and Investment Bureau.

Ahmed was also named African Finance Minister of the Year by the African Leadership Magazine.

He was named a winner last month by the African Leadership Magazine after the magazine board of the magazine unveiled 17 winners in 17 categories.

The award recognizes Ahmed’s “outstanding achievements in Africa’s business landscape and contributions to Africa’s economic development and post-COVID-19 recovery”.

Ahmed’s award was predicated on his effort to drive the government’s economic reform agenda, lead the home-grown economic reform agenda, mobilize large resources for development, improve debt management and debt stock of the country, and promote regional economic cooperation in the horn of Africa.

The African Leadership Magazine focuses on bringing Africa’s best to a global audience, telling the African story from an African perspective; while evolving solutions to peculiar challenges being faced by the continent today.