Ethiopian Prime Minister Will Collect his Nobel Prize Next Tuesday


The 2019 Nobel Peace Prize winner, prime minister Abiy, will travel to the Norwegian capital next Tuesday to receive his award. Recall that, the Nobel Committee announced his winning on September 30. Different kinds of award ceremonies are expected to happen in Oslo.


The Nobel Committee during the announcement highlighted the prime minister’s initiative to resolve the border dispute between Ethiopia and Eritrea after three decades. Also, he worked hard to improve territorial integrity and peace by meddling Eritrea and Djibouti to renew their relationship, which becomes sour in recent years.


During his stay in Norway, Abiy will meet the prime minister of Norway, Erna Solberg, and King Harald V. According to the report of the state-affiliated Fana Broadcasting, the prime minister, will be expected to visit Norway parliament.


The prime minister decided not to attend the press release before or after the award ceremony. The committee finds the pm’s decision “highly problematic.” Olav Njølstad, director of the Norwegian Nobel Institute, told the Norweigan Broadcasting (NKR), “The Nobel Institute and the Nobel Committee wishes Abiy Ahmed had said ‘yes’ to meeting Norwegian and international press.”


Traditionally, the award event starts with meetings at the Nobel institute with a large press conference in attendance of the Peace Prize winner and committee members. According to reports, the press conference was canceled for the first time in many years. The former U.S president and the Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2009, Barck Obama, also had not attended the press conference at the time.


The press secretary of the Office of the Prime Minister, Billene Seyoum, said that the prime minister had to select from the events giving priority to his primary responsibility in the country.


Prime minister Abiy will give a speech at the Oslo meeting hall Norwegian royal family in attendance. At the venue, he will receive 9 million kroner (about $945,000), Gold medal, and a diploma.