Ethiopia’s Tigray War: A man who fought on his son’s grave


Stranded in Shewarobi in a village called Salaysh, Ato Eshetu Moges was one of the people among those who died in Ethiopia’s Tigray war. When a rebel group came drumming the sounds of death and destruction, a farmer stood on his ground against an existential trait killing almost 10 rebels that belonged to the tigray force.

A few moments before his death, he made a phone call to his family confessing what happened and he was on the brink of dying in the coming minutes.

He mentioned they were surrounded by the Tigray force, nobody was there to rescue them, it was a fight for survival rather than anything. 

In his phone call he mentioned his son was shot after killing one of the rebels, following the intense interaction, Ato Eshetu was outnumbered leaving him no choice but to die with honor sacrificing himself in the fight. 

His family mentioned what he did was saddening but to die with honor is what gives them strength and hope to move on.

His last memoir is for his kids to be protected and sheltered as he does protecting his country.





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