Football Administration To Kick Off New Season League Competitions

Ethiopian premier league

Ethiopia Football Federation (EFF), the governing body of football competitions said that if the health minister approves the plan, the new season of league competitions will start within 6-8 weeks.

The statement from the football federation suggested that matches will be played in empty and selected stadiums in the Ethiopian new year.

The football federation canceled all league competitions, without winner or loser due to Coronavirus pandemic occurred in Ethiopia in May.

The EFF, under the supervision of Ethiopian Sport Commisssion is responsible for the Premier League, Ethiopian Higher League, and First League competitions for both men and women.

The Ethiopian Premier League is by far the most popular and at the same time in recent years the most violent league competition in Ethiopia. In June 2019 the football federation suspended the league following political and ethnic tensions among fans escalated to injuring a number of fans and players inside the pitch.

Although most matches in Addis Ababa suffered from a lack of fans, stadiums get full to the neck during matches in the regions and in Addis Ababa when popular teams such as Ethiopian Coffee and St. George has a game.

The league became less tense when it was started again this year until it was canceled as the COVID-19 pandemic occurred in the country.

The new start will come up with new regulations imposed due to the global pandemic according to the statement of the federation players and the team crew must be tested before every match.

Besides about the beginning of the new season, the federation has said nothing about the controversial issue of who plays on continental competitions, CAF Champions League and Confederation Cup next year since there was no winner last year.

Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 topped 30,000 and 528 dead in Ethiopia so far.