Government Official Turns Down a New Position Assigned by The Prime Minister

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Yohannes Buayalew turned down the new appointment by prime minister Abiy Ahmed. The Prime Minister’s Office on Feb.25 assigned Yohannes as president of Meles Zenawi Leadership Academy. But he told Amhara mass media agency that he would not take the responsibility.


Yohannes is one of the senior officials of the Amhara region. He was removed from his position as head of the Office of Amhara Democratic Party (ADP) a week ago and replaced by Agegnehu Teshager, the late Peace and Security head of the region. But since ADP is merged to Prosperity Party (PP), Agegnehu is assigned as head of the PP Office of the Amhara region.


“I heard the new appointment on the news,” Yohannes told Amhara Mass Media Agency. He added that serving the country at the federal level and working in the leadership academy is a good thing, and it is a ‘big responsibility.’ “even if I had to work in the Academy,” he said, “It is not possible with its current brand [of the academy].”


There were some rumors that Yohannes’s removal from the regional office is because they lost support from the people following the assassination of the officials of the region last June. But, he said that he has support from all levels of the community. By moving to the federal level, he will work and fight for the freedom and prosperity of Amhara people and Ethiopians as a whole.


Meles Zenawi Leadership Academy was named after the former prime minister Meles Zenawi, aims to produce successor leaders.


And Yohannes does not like the name of the institution, which was given after the controversial prime minister Meles. But he continues to be a member of the Executive Committee of the Prosperity Party.