Government Stated Major Operation Killed Senior TPLF Military Officials


The government announced that it had destroyed senior TPLF military leaders in an operation carried out in the past two days.

The government communications said in a statement tonight that some of those killed were wanted by the federal government for treason.

The names of the generals and colonels who were allegedly destroyed are not mentioned in the statement.

The Minister of Government Communication Services, Dr. Legesse Tulu, said in a statement: “In the last two days, six senior members of the Army and Corps have been destroyed in a special operation by the Battalion. In addition, special operations were carried out at various locations under the command of Kemise in a series of special operations, six high-ranking apostate leaders were destroyed along with their bodyguards.

Today, the Battalion is on the verge of extinction, and the enemy forces that have been preparing for another attack have been wiped out, and the enemy, which is retreating, is being pursued by the enemy. On other fronts, the enemy is being severely beaten by the enemy.

At the same time, the government strongly urges the public to organize and protect the environment so that it does not plunder the enemy forces, who are fleeing individually and collectively.

“If the fleeing enemy does not surrender, the government will urge the community to organize and take action.”

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