Heineken Revamps its Signature Beer

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In its effort to excite its consumers, Heineken Ethiopia has presented its Walia beer with a new taste and look to meet and grow the current demand and increase its consumer base in the Ethiopian market.

With the goal of reaching customer satisfaction, the new Walia is brewed with 100% Pure Malt. Pure Malt is the most expensive and best-suited ingredient to brew with and is used to brew some of the world’s best beers.

Heineken states that the new Walia is made with a balance of natural ingredients and causes no discomfort. The new beer brand comes with a new slogan —”Together to New Heights” — and is offered in 33cl and 50cl returnable glass bottles, as well as 30lt draught kegs, with five percent alcohol content.

According to Fekadu Beshah, external relations and sustainability manager, the new taste and look is part of Heineken’s effort to make its product remain fresh and unique in its customers’ eyes.

The beer is brewed with local barley, which is interlinked to Heineken’s local sourcing project that aims to reduce poverty through enhancing the barley sector.

The Brewery is now working with 50,000 farmers in Arsi, Bale, and other parts of the country. It has been in the market since 2014. Walia, Walia Radler, Harar, Bedele, Bedele Special, Sofi Malt, and Buckler are the brands produced locally by the company.