Hibret Bank head office building at a cost of over 2.7 billion birr inaugurated


The construction of the Hibret Bank head office building, which cost more than 2.7 billion birr, was completed in the presence of the President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Sahlework Zewde.

The 37-storey Hibret Bank headquarters is also known as the Union Tower.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by FDRE President Woro Sahlework Zewde, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Ambassador Dina Mefti, Governor of the National Bank Dr. Yinger Dessie, senior shareholders of the Bank, shareholders and Presidents of the Bank.

President of the Bank, Melaku Kebede, said the construction of the building took six years to complete.

He also said that the construction of the Cooperative Tower will not only reduce the cost of rent but also enable the customers of the bank to access fast and efficient services in one place.

Melaku also thanked the bank’s management and customers who have the backbone of the Union Bank.




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