Historic Day as the PM attends the largest Iftar Program at the Millennium Hall


By Faisal T Ibrahim

More than ten thousand Muslims gathered for Iftar program inside the largest hall in Addis, Millennium Hall, attended by PM Abiy Ahmed and other high-level government officials, Muslim leaders and other dignitaries.

The aim of the program was to strengthen the unity of the Muslim Umah following the recent reconciliation of the two groups who disagreed on to how to govern the country’s Muslim Umah and its affairs.

Mufti Omer Indris, a leading Muslim figure respected by all sides and the president of Ethiopian Muslims Council, known as The Mejlis, asked the PM to help him fulfill two of his long-held wishes before he leaves the world. The Mufti’s wishes were: 1) to see an Islamic Banking to be established in Ethiopia, and 2) to witness the construction of a large place of worship at the center of Addis for Muslims to perform Eid Prayers and other important events.

PM accepted the Mufti’s request positively and said his government will work hard to help them bring into reality. In his speech, the PM also called for the unity of Ethiopian Muslims and urged them to work together within themselves and with others too for the better future of the country.

The PM, W/ro Muferihat, Takele Uma, Mufti Omer Indris, and the nine committee members were awarded a gift for their contribution in the reconciliation process to bring the Ethiopian Muslim Umah together.