By Abdiaziz Ali

October 5th was “World Teachers Day”, as assigned by UNESCO to celebrate the vital role teachers play in providing quality education at all levels. This celebration invites children and adults to be part of and contribute to the development of the global and local teaching and learning process.

Teachers are the key to unlocking the potential of every student; they are the rain to which the seeds grow. Teachers play a crucial role in the development of any country. They are the ones who shape every soul’s future. They are the architects of the world. Sadly, though they do not get the recognition they deserve.

Remember, it is the teacher who makes the attainment of the other professions possible. However, like a spoiled child, we do not pay much attention to who made it possible in the first place.

There is a certain mentality prevalent in Ethiopia when it comes to teaching. That teaching is a low paying job and it is something not worth investing in. We need to change such attitudes. For teachers are the masons who build the house and if we as a nation cannot help the masons of our nation, what is there to do?

I have taught for two solid years, I know what it is like to be a teacher in my country; I know how the government treats the profession and what status teachers’ hold in society. Before I conclude my piece I want to ask my fellow educators in every field from Government, to the international community, to the United Nations, local communities, etc. “what do you think we should do to improve to the teaching process and to give it the worth it deserves?”

You taught us Teacher

Make us feel Proud

You gave us knowledge

Transferred your talents

Filled Empty Foreheads

Look how the Champions

You Gave the Skills

Taking their Share

To Make you the King

To Care for ever Good.

I have no doubt a day will come where teachers will get the recognition they deserve…but for now I say Congratulations TEACHER! May you have a future that is filled with promises.

Abdiaziz Ali

Abdiaziz Ali is a former teachers, educationist, prolific writer, campaigner and education advocate. Mr. Ali lives Jigjiga, Ethiopia and can be reached through [email protected]