I Can’t Speak- Keria Ibrahim Speaker of The House Federation


On the same exact day where Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed addressed the parliament, Speaker of the House of Federation Keria Ibrahim submitted her resignation. Her resignation comes two days before the House of Federation submits its report on the postponement of the election. 


In her statement Keria spoke about her refusal to become part of a system that is evolving to dictatorship. Keria states about unconstitutional moves being carried out by the sitting government in-order to extend its time in power. Adding that the ongoing deliberation with regards to the constitutional crisis has already been a decided agenda by the incumbent. 


Keria Ibrahim is member of the TPLF executive council and has been serving the House of Federation as a Speaker for the past two years. No statement has been issued from the House of Federation with regards to her resignation. 



  1. Where there is no federal what the Speaker of the House of the federation will do. I am sure Keria Ibrahim saved her name on time.

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