Important points from Eritrean President Isaias Afeworki interview


Translated by Paulos Sory

I asked Debretsion why they were preparing for battle in Humera.

  • We have evidence that the TPLF plans to target more than 100 locations in Eritrea.
  • The TPLF’s adventure was a miscalculation.
  • In the first week of November 2020, more than 5,000 Ethiopian troops crossed the Eritrean border.
  • We did not expect the Ethiopian army to leave Mekele.
  • He did not even expect the TPLF leadership to step down. Foreign powers have been pushing for the Ethiopian government to withdraw from Tigray.
  • No sane military leadership would dare to enter Kombolcha and Dessie without logistics.
  • The TPLF is not satisfied with the outcome of the war.
  • The TPLF’s damage to Eritrea is worse than that of Haile Selassie and Mengistu Hailemariam.
  • The Republic of Tigray does not exist, it will not.
  • The TPLF gave me to read the draft constitution of Ethiopia before anyone else. The constitution was dangerous for Ethiopia, and I raised my concerns.
  • There is no greater danger than the policy of ethnic federalism.
    -If the country is not united, it is easy for foreign countries to interfere in sovereign affairs.
  • For the past few months, Ethiopian unity has been a lesson for neo-colonialists.
  • We must separate the American people and the government. Globally, they make up less than 0.1% of the US population.
  • Nothing currently made in the USA. Everything is made in China.
  • China owes a quarter of US debt. The assumption is that the USA is an economically powerful country.
  • There is no IGAD or AU, only their name. It was ruined by self-interested groups.
    -China mobilizes the West. Western nations have failed to occupy Russia or China.
  • In the next ten years, the world will be different for good.
  • How can a superpower like Eritrea impose sanctions on a small country like Eritrea for eight years? This is despair on their part, because we are not willing to be appointed.
  • The mission of the US Mission is to instruct countries on what to do.
  • Terrorism is created by them.
  • 40% of last year’s dollar distribution was illegally printed in the United States.
  • We have created immunity against the US government.
  • The policies of the UN Security Council and the ‘world order’ are the jungle law & Restoration is prohibited.
  • They are working day and night to make Eritrea satanic.
  • Why do Afghans suffer?
  • Because of our experience, we can oppose and maintain US sanctions.
  • Our 80 years of history is related to Ethiopia. Their peace and prosperity are very important to us.
  • The worst thing that has happened to Ethiopia is the TPLF.
  • Eritrea and Ethiopia strengthen ties.
  • Ethiopia must improve or eliminate tribal federalism in order to achieve lasting peace and unity in the country.
  • The TPLF was sowing hatred by telling its allies that they were less than Amhara.
    -The first ideology was different from the second and current ideology.
  • The ones who suffer the most in Ethiopia are the Tigreans.
  • The worst thing that is happening in Sudan right now is foreign intervention.


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