Investment Commissioner Fitsum Arega Appointed as Ethiopian Ambassador to the US


Ethiopia’s President Sahle-Work Zewde gave full promotion to 20 ambassadors to be appointed overseas. This is the first time the President appointed new ambassadors since taking office last October. Among the appointees, six were women and includes prominent figures like W/ro Mulu Solomon.

Also, Ato Fitsum Arega who was the former chief of staff for PM Abiy Ahmed administration and investment commissioner was appointed as Ethiopia’s Ambassador to the US. Among the total of twenty appointees, four of them were former ambassadors including Ambassador Suleyman Dedefo and  Ambassador Teshome Toga

You can read the full list of appointees below

    1. Ato Zenebe Kebede
    2. Ambassador Suleyman Dedefo
    3. W/ro Mulu Solomon
    4. Ato Abdulaziz Mohammed
    5. W/ro Nasise Chali
    6. Ato Hassan Taju
    7. Ato Reta Alemu
    8. Ato Henok Tefera
    9. Ato Alemetsahay Meseret
    10. Doctor Tizita Mulugeta
    11. Ambassador Tesfaye Yilema
    12. Ambassador Teshome Toga
    13. Ato Teferi Tadese
    14. Ato Fitsum Arega
    15. Doctor Addisu Gebregezabiher
    16. Ato Million Samuel
    17. Ato Meles Alem
    18. Ato Berhane Fisseha
    19. Doctor Ayenorat Mohammed
    20. Ambassador Samia Zakaria