It has not yet been confirmed whether the TPLF will participate in the National Consultive Forum- PM Office


The Ethiopian Defense Forces (EDF) and the joint forces of the Afar and Amhara regions have repulsed the TPLF invasion after heavy fighting, the Prime Minister’s Office said. Prime Minister’s Office Press Secretary International Relations and Media Sector Bilene Seyoum stated that Ethiopians have made great sacrifices to bring about the current situation.

The government condemned the UN Human Rights Council’s decision to discuss and take a stand on Ethiopia’s human rights record, saying it was “outrageous and politically motivated” and did not want human rights abuses in Ethiopia to be investigated. It is unknown at this time whether TPLF will take part in the National Consultaive Forum.


  1. First of all TPLF should be liquidated.
    TPLF should and must pay ransom for the destruction it has caused on Amhara and Afar people.
    Tegrai people, elders, mothers and fathers must reject TPLF as their party with demonstrations, sit in strikes and all other civil disobedience against TPLF. Or share the burdon of responsibility.
    TPLF or Tegrai people should sign UN responsibility document not any kind of violent activities against any other ethnic groups in Ethiopia, or any neighbouring countries. All the above points should be preconditions for TPLF to participate in forthcoming dialogue. It is a must!.


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