Jeffrey Feltman: The United States does not support TPLF

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The US Special Envoy to East Africa, Jeffrey Feltman, who is on his way from Addis Ababa to the United States, spoke to the media about his stay.

He said the TPLF should not consider repeating the way it overthrew the current Ethiopian leader Mengistu Hailemariam 30 years ago.

“The United States does not want the TPLF, which has been in power for 27 years, to return to power.” 

“I hope the TPLF leadership understands the current situation. This is not the year 1983. We have told the TPLF to understand the situation,” said Ambassador Feltman.

“We acknowledge that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is a legitimate and elected leader, but the United States has no support for the war in northern Ethiopia,”

As the fighting continues, the number of displaced people is increasing, but both sides need to provide humanitarian assistance to the victims.

He also said that they have held talks with leaders, diplomats, and other stakeholders in Addis Ababa and neighboring countries to reach an agreement between the warring parties during their stay in Ethiopia.