Lake Wonchi announced as the best tourist site of 2021


At the 24th General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization, which is being held in Madrid, Spain, Lake Wonchi was chosen as the best tourist site of 2021.

Lake Wonchi, southwest of Shoa in the Oromia region, has been selected as the first of 170 tourist sites. It’s situated at the base of an extinct volcano, is the beautiful legacy of a once-powerful volcano erupting in the Tertiary period of the Cenozoic Era.

The volcano that erupted about 1000 years ago left an asymmetric caldera of rock which is now covered in lush green vegetation. The whole crater contains a large lake with small islands, hot mineral springs, waterfalls, and beautiful valleys and farmland. An old monastery with a church that is positioned on one of the lake islands also makes the spot more enticing and mesmerizing.

As Prime Minister Abiy pronounced in relation to the scheme, Wenchi Crater Lake is a piece of paradise on earth owing to its breathtaking landscape and beautiful scenic areas. The place that had the most powerful volcanoes once has blessed it now with a lot of natural endowments, hot springs, and waterfalls among others.

The site, because it is located in the closest destination to the capital and the construction of Ambo-Woliso gravel road, Wenchi Lake is becoming a favorable weekend destination for residents of nearby cities including Addis Ababa.