Lamrot Kemal sentenced to 3 months in prison


Lamrot Kemal, a convicted felon in the Federal High Court’s Lideta Division II Anti-Terrorism and Constitutional Court, was sentenced to three months in prison in connection with the assassination of vocalist Hundesa.

Defendant was acquitted of three counts of aggravated assault with intent to defraud and aggravated assault with intent to defraud.

Prosecutors allege that the incident took place at night and that the deceased did not help when she needed help.

According to the report, the court sentenced the prosecutor to three months in prison on the grounds that she had rejected the prosecution’s sentence.

The court then ordered the defendant to be released on parole as she had been in custody for the past nine months and for more than 15 days, and the defendant’s property was to be returned

Defendant was indicted on September 12, 2020, along with three other defendants in the case. They were sentenced on August 3, 2021.


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