Lion Pride Attacks, Kills People in Ethiopia


A Lion pride abruptly attacked and killed four people and a number of cattle in the Gambella region of Ethiopia.

The lions have entered the area from the nearby forest, Abebo, and have controlled more than five neighbourhoods for the past three days and normal activities have been halted.

Gambela National Park, located nearby Abobo has the highest concentration of wildlife including African elephants, Hyenas, and Lions. The community in the area has been facing attacks from the animals mostly on their livestock.

Getnet Yigzaw, communication head of Ethiopian Wild Animals Conservation Authority (EWCA) said that the high expansion of people to the forest caused the same incidents in previous years as the Lions fled from their homes and have nowhere to stay or go back.

The security chief of the Gambella region Awato Akot told local media that the pride attack is still uncontrolled and is killing more cattle and the community in the area are at risk.

“The regional security is not authorized to kill the lions by itself and filed a report to the EWCA for assistance, ” said Awato. 

Whereas the EWCA said no report of a lion attack has been filed from Gambella.