Marching To The Battlefield: Athlete Feyisa Lilesa Pledge To Join The War

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Following the PM’s call on to defend Ethiopia in joining the war, most renowned public figures are pledging to join the battlefield.

Athlete Feyisa Lilesa has announced that he has decided to take the lead in rescuing his country following the call of the Prime Minister.

The athlete said the Prime Minister’s decision was right, said he would go ahead and do what was expected of him, just as our forefathers had done in Adwa.

He was one of the celebrities who immediately responded to the PM’s call.

 In this regard, the Prime Minister, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, called on all patriotic Ethiopians to follow in his footsteps.

The announcement from Athlete Feyisa came hours after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed called on all Ethiopians in particular and the black people at large to firmly stand with the nation.

subsequently, Athlete Haile G/selasie announced he’ll join the war.

“Ethiopia is a symbol of the freedom of the black people,” said Athlete Haile. “A coordinated campaign is underway in Ethiopia to seize the black history of the black people by kneeling in Ethiopia,” he stated.

“There is no reason for the prime minister to sit at home and I am ready to use my military skills to defeat the enemy,” said Brigadier General Kasaye Chameda.

He said it would be a great inspiration and morale for the army that is falling to the ground.

He added that the decision by the Prime Minister will help Ethiopia defeat the enemy in the short term. The army knows how to win when it is on the side of the leader

“I am ready to take my son and sacrifice for my country wherever he needs protection, I am ready to use his military prowess to destroy Ethiopia and save our country,” he added

In particular, he called on former members of the armed forces to take the lead and repeat the sacrifices they made for their country yesterday.

Christian Tsegay, Public Health Expert also announced he’ll be joining the war alongside PM Abiy Ahmed.

“We will strengthen our beloved country Ethiopia by being a man of action in all fields, by standing bravely and making sacrifices!”  Shimeles Abdisa

I entrust our people to make this historic milestone by ensuring that our country does not fall into the worst economic crisis we can ever face as a result of the war we are waging to endanger our very existence.