METEC Surpassed Abiy Ahmed On Google Search Interest From Ethiopia


It has been almost nine months since PM Abiy took power and through all these times the PM was the most, searched Google term in Ethiopia. But for the first time ever the word term METEC surpassed Abiy Ahmed on a google search.

The arrest of several ex-METEC officials along with the intelligence sparked more interest in Ethiopians to search news related to these officials. Overlooking the search trend for Abiy the first time he hit an all-time high in search result was during his inauguration. According to Google metrics, he scored 100. The second time Abiy got more search result was following the assassination attempt at the Jun 23rally.

Right after the assassination attempt interestingly google search for Getachew Assefa starts to pick up. Getachew Assefa was alleged forconspiring and executing the June 23 bombing. But the gov didn’t forward hisname until this week.

The first time googles search interest in Ethiopia with the keyword METEC surpassed Abiy just this week. Especially after the airing of a documentary on the organization linking to the recent arrest was the main reason for the search interest to rise.