No More Equation Of KANA SIIB KANA SAAR (Remove This and Put This In Power); In The Somali Region


January 24, 2019

By: Abdiaziz Ali

AAR MAY NOO TUDHAAN meaning we wish to they could spare us, was the major out and in loud sounds from the community in the region, when the ugly live glanced pat days in the region. This sound was because, the innocent community are fed up with the reckless any groups competing the steering wheel of the region in General and that of their third party.

I remember Somali saying: Meel Maroodi Ku dagaalamay Daaqaa ku dhamaada; meaning where elephants fight the Grass lasts for good. I narrated this because where ever the politicians fight for the steering wheel of any scene of the politics in the world wide, community will benefit the negative of any fight at their ages. What happened these past days was unsyllabic, and dangerous because it would have put the lives of Millions in to danger. I hope there are other ways of taking over power from the incumbent like referendum or the ballot box.

The two groups that was disputed was Ahmed Shide and former Heegos who are the two sides of the same ugly coin who have a common denominator of selling their people even in a least bid. These devils incarnate should be behind the bars. That is where they belong. They have been the sweet poster boys of the TPLF and is hopelessly dishonored. I wish that ill gotten money in their days in office must be traced back to be returned to the reserves of the Somali region.

The people of the Somali Region will never accept a repeat of TPLF type patron-client relationship that existed between the corrupted army officers/TPLF old-guards and polluted Politicians. This relationship is rejected throughout Ethiopia and will never be accepted in the Somali Region any time in our history again.

The long-oppressed people of the Somali region will never be accepting the re-incarnation of the now obsolete regional party and any effort geared towards the restitution or restoration of the TPLF minded Party of the criminals will be fearfully opposed by the people of the region through mass demonstrations and the sharp pens of the elites where ever they may be.

The second group was lead the Mustafa Omer current Acting President of the region. This group lead by this reformist are those that gained the major support of all kinds of life in the community of the Somali region. The community supported the sitting administration because they get tired the very Isjii-jiidad( fight) between any groups that everyone is aware they will over run the existing services of the lagging community they have in hand. And they don’t want to repeat any mistake that happen.

This second group was so popular when you see the support community showed them. In this event the Community of the region tested that they put aside the notorious doctrine of Qabiil (Clan) and stood with the Incumbent government in the region.

This Group is the one who started to heal the Infectious Wounds on the community that did not get any attention of the any past government let alone to hospitalize.

I wish this group who are in this side are stay connected the Community and tell everything that is happening faithfully and tell them the point of disputes realistically. So that, the community will shoulder their back who is right for and consulted any time.


As a Commuinty in the region we wish to settle your different once and for all and even show case this to the Commuinty and let us decide who is to stop for good reason and spare our souls and the souls of Somalinimo from edge to edge of the region. Like any time, politicians can dispute but always there is a point of agreement or either Sacrifice to each other.


The Incumbent Administration of Somali Region are condemning a third party involving in this equation of Kana Siib Kana Saar, as per the interview of the Legal Advisor of the presidential office of the Somali Region and it is the ODP/EPRDF man called Fekadu Tessema who is the coordinator of Partnering political parties within EPRDF. As a community, we warn to abstain from ill-hearted intervening in the Somali regions’ political affairs. And let the people of the Somali Region decide their destiny. Respect of the rule of law that will unite us all and enhance our cooperation. Finally, ODP/EPRDF should learn from TPLF past mistakes.