Addis Ababa city administration is introducing a new residence ID by changing the current ID procedure that requires residents to fill out their ethnicity. The city is also transforming its ID issuing process from manual to a digital system. As a result, the residence will be issued a new ID by using their fingerprint.

The digitization of the process is aimed at tackling any form of ID issuance based on fake documentation. In Order to implement the digitization process effectively training has been given to representatives from all sub-cities and woredas.

For so long Addis Ababa residents were expressing their concern about ethnicity tag in their ID stating that it will endanger their unity by creating more division among different ethnicities. According to deputy city, mayor Engineer Takele Uma the replacement of the ID will not only address one of the most concerning issues of Addis Ababa residents but also play a significant role in tracking those who own Kebelle houses and Condominium at the same time.