PM Abiy Ahmed Addresses Parliament


PM Abiy Ahmed gave answers for the questions raised from the parliament.
In his yesterday appearance at the House of Representatives Parliament, the PM addressed vital issues ranging from economy to peace and corruption charges.


Government is the leading actor, and it has to be patient and take a broader perspective on matters to achieve the building of democracy in Ethiopia.
Armed and none armed parties had returned to their country, this is a great victory for all of us. We should focus on the success, rather than on the problems caused because of their return.
The approach we made to every group was with the principles of peace, and the same negotiations were applied to all groups. We have been fighting for years; now the war is over, we don’t want to hear single gunfire, let us win with opinion and discussion.
Among the returned, some groups are working to build democracy. On the other hand, some others are playing with one foot stepped in Addis Ababa and the other one in the jungle, this has no success. We all have to work hard to win by our opinion. Some groups have been trying to bring a solution to the problem they have created.

We are working for peace, democracy, and unity of Ethiopia; we will not tolerate anything that put the sovereignty of this country into a question.

Defense force

Defense force should not be questioned for not catching a thief who snatched a purse. Defense force had never backed down when the sovereignty of the country was in danger that was its responsibility. Our men and women in uniforms made sacrifices to solve problems, both inside and outside of the country. When the regional government requested for help in Welega, it didn’t take more than two months for our military force to handle the situation.


We have expected that there will be a tendency of using universities as warfare, discussions were made and warned students through media before anything happens, there were groups which try to make students instrument for their political business.
Ethiopia is the only country in the world where university students fight to the death because of political differences. It is not wrong to fight with a discussion in universities, but fighting with stones to cause fire is a story in the pre-human era, it doesn’t require education to do that.

Bringing Criminals to The Court
There isn’t any criminal who is free in Ethiopia; everyone is either in a state prison or in his own prison. Because imprisonment by definition means limiting one’s movement in a particular area. Nobody can run away from law committing murder or stealing.
PM office had a surprise visit in Federal prisons and made necessary corrections on prisoners care. Now they read, write, eat, drink, and do physical exercises, and I doubt there will be such good care for those who are still in their private prisons.
Every regional government working to catch criminals, some have given away to the federal government, some say that they are still looking for them, the truth is nobody is higher than the law.
There is no thief ethnicity even there is no thief family, there are stealers in every ethnicity and family. They try to cover up with their ethnicity and family when they caught.