Police failed to bring Meaza Mohammed to court


Journalist Meaza Mohammed today, December 19, 2014. Her lawyer said the police officer, who was ordered to bring Meaza Mohammed failed to bring her to court.

The suspect’s lawyer, Addisu Getaneh, told Deutsche Welle (DW) that the police had arrested journalist Meaza Mohammed and had not taken the suspect to court.

He also said that the even though Federal Court of First Instance’s Arada Special Court last week ordered the police to bring the suspect to court and explain if there is a reason not to release her. However, the order was not enforced last week and she is still in prison.

Journalist Meaza Mohammed was arrested on December 10, 2021 by the police. In addition to journalist Maeza Mohammed, journalist Tamrat Negera and journalist and activist Iyasped Tesfaye were arrested by Ethiopian security forces last season.


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