After taking office PM Abiy Ahmed will make his first visit to the US to meet the Ethiopian diaspora community. During his trip the PM is expected to travel to Washington DC and LA to address the Ethiopian community on several topic areas. According to the official statement from the Ethiopian Embassy in US, On July 28 and July 29 the PM will hold a town hall meeting in DC and LA in which the meeting is open to all Ethiopians who wants to attend the event.

Apart from hosting a town hall meeting with the diaspora community PM Abiy Ahmed will be meeting with Patriarch Merqorios who leads the US based Ethiopian Orthodox Church that separated 27 years ago. The meeting is intended in supporting the recent reconciliation process between the US based Ethiopian Orthodox Church and Ethiopia based church.

The PM will not have any official engagement with the US gov officials as his trip is intended to engage with the diaspora community only. It is not clear why LA has been chosen as one of his destination for the trip since there were several states were large Ethiopian population are based. According to Google Trend Data most of the searches for the term Abiy and Ethiopia come from the following five sates.


To get more information about PM Abiy Ahmed trip to the US you can visit the official facebook page of Ethiopian Embassy in the US.