Prime Minister Abyi’s 365 days in the Office-Abdiaziz Ali

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April 1, 2018
Abdiaziz Ali
The changes of Ethiopia led by Prime minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed dates back to the selfless sacrifices of former prime minister Haile Mariam who voluntarily resigned from the post of the PM. Then Abiy Ahmed holds the Top Job of the Country last April of the year 2018 and started his Ambitious in the pits of Ethiopia. In this piece, I will not narrate any weakness in his reign as everyone can see it boldly; instead, I will focus on significant changes he achieved.

Algiers Treaty and mode of Regional Integration

Since Prime Minister Dr. Abyi Ahmed came to office, started his visit outside his country, he leads into the neighbor countries including the Horn of Africa. In his first months in the office, he did what has become almost a trademark move, the beaming young leader of Africa’s second largest country nation hugged Eritrea president Afeworki, the autocratic president. Mr. Ahmed unreservedly sent a message to the most isolated country in Africa if not the world, of what has not come to any person mind in Ethiopia. Mr. Ahmed took that brave Stretch his hand up to the shores of Mosab, Asab and the tide of the sea, which means a lot for this very landlocked country of Ethiopia. After different Visits to each other’s Country, they selected committee supposed to do a feasibility study and finally implemented by ALGIERS TREATY. Bringing Eritrea in the scene of Africa and outside world, grabbed the attention of the political change of PM Ahmed. Then he brought the horn together from Djibouti Very enemy of Eritrea to Somalia.

Regime Change in Somali Regional State

Every one of us in the region is acutely aware that the arrival of the PM Abiy in power, the political rift between the federal government Somali Regional State has worsened. Although the First very visit of the PM came to Jigjiga to strictly deal with Abdi how he can leave the top job of the Region and that was not because Abyi’s wish but because of the power abuse that we have read, saw on our eyes or even many of us in the region encountered. However, they couldn’t agree with that deal. Then Abiy Ordered the Full Forces of Military as commander in chief. When the Government of the Somali Region ousted and the President of the Region taken into Addis Ababa. The federal Government organized a big forum in Addis by including the discussion of all kinds of different walks of the Comunity. In that forum the reformist Mustafa Omer was selected from millions of able-bodied men and women to correct the slip-ups committed in the past by other leaders, to develop a region that is stunted. The new government of the reformist Mustafa Omer is doing its best, no matter what they are facing currently and I wish they will keep working by defeating the backward ideas with the better ones.

Opposition Parts and Inclusion Approach

Mr. Ahmed has got in touch intimate with Ethiopian opposition figures from releasing Jails and inviting Home others outside the country. These signaled and symbolized his inclusion approach since he held the top job of the country in April of last year on the back of the three years of rolling unrest that looked fated debauched into intensifying conflict. The widely popular Mr. Ahmed has already transformed the political landscape giving hope to millions of melodious.
The PM sent two delegates to Eritrea for the negotiation of the long-term separatists that sit Asmara. The first delegate was Foreign Minister Workeneh G. and Oromia Regional President Lemma Megerrsaa to liaise with of dragging Oromia Liberation Front (OLF). The second mission was Foreign Minister Wokeneh G, Finance and Economic Co-optation Minster of Ethiopia Ahmed Shide and Somali Regional State President Mustafa M. Omer to liaise as well as dragging Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) into the negotiation table. In between, Mr. Ahmed showed much hope for Opposition parts of his country and wherever they were, and once said no more ‘’TEQEWAME’’ rather they are ‘TEFOKAKAREE’’. No more Opposition parts rather they are competitors.
Women’s Participation in Politics.
Abiy Contributed to the Global SDG indicators of Women empowerment by making 50% of the Ethiopian cabinet women including the high portfolio ministries in the history of this country. Moreover, it’s believed these opportunities will help them to reshape policies that are passed by the government which could undermine the role of Women in modern Ethiopia. Thanks to the Ethiopian Prime minister Abiy Ahmed, for the decision of appointing a high number of women in his cabinet members and strongly having faith and confidence on the competency of the Ethiopian women.

Abdiaziz Ali is an Educationist, Humanitarian, Campaigner, and Child Right Advocate. Mr. Ali lives Jigjiga, Ethiopia and can be reached through [email protected]