Prosperity Party Discussed the Need for National Dialogue


The Executive Committee of the Prosperity Party discussed current national issues and the need for inclusive national consultation. Adam Farah, head of the party’s office, said the executive committee of the party has set directions to strengthen the country’s existence and promote democracy.

According to Ademeh Farah, the executive committee reviewed the current situation in the country and commended the results achieved for the unity of the nation.

The Committee thanked the Armed Forces, the Regional Security Forces, the people of Dejenu and the Ethiopians and Ethiopians of Ethiopian descent at home and abroad for their outstanding contributions to the success of the campaign. He called on the people to continue their efforts to strengthen the unity and unity of the nation.

He called on the people to continue their efforts to strengthen the unity and unity of the nation. According to Adam Farah, the executive is evaluating the progress made in reorganizing and rehabilitating areas liberated from the terrorist invaders and believes that the work should be strengthened in a coordinated manner. He also called on the public to provide the necessary support for the rehabilitation and reorganization.

Finally, Adam said the executive has discussed ways to strengthen the ongoing political transition in our country. He said the concept of inclusiveness and comprehensive consultation has been a concern since the beginning of the change and he acknowledged the need for inclusive national consultation in our country. He said the inclusive national consultation should be indigenous, help build national consensus on basic national issues, be in line with the culture and values of our people, and help sustain our country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

He said the executive agreed that an independent and competent national institution should be run in order to achieve the desired national consultation. He further added that the executive committee will ensure the success of the inclusive consultation and the desired result.