Protest Erupted in Ethiopia After the Government Pulled in Jawar Mohamed’s Security Detail


Protests erupted in some parts of Oromia, following Jawar Mohamed posted a message on social media that his security detail pulled in last night. Jawar Mohammed Oromo Media Network Director-General wrote a statement on social media that his security assigned by the government was ordered to back off in the middle of the night.


The message caused anger from his supporters, and mass demonstrations were made in some parts of Oromia. According to some reports, a number of youth showed up around Jawar’s residence in Addis Ababa this morning.


The Federal Police Commission, on the other hand, said that Jawar’s message to his followers that he is going to be detained or attacked was wrong. The government or the police took no measures on Jawar Mohammed, said the commission.


The police commissioner Gen. Endashaw Tassew on a press release today said that the police have been giving protection to exiled activists who returned home following the reform. But now, he said, “considering the improved stability and peace in the country, we decided to pull in the security details of the activists.”


Whereas the youth kept blocking roads in parts of Oromia and Addis Ababa as well. There are pictures showing supporters of Abiy and Jawar fighting. Reports are saying an unspecified number of people died in the cities of Oromia.


According to the BBC report, security forces are taking measures on fighting groups in Adama, Oromia. The federal police requested the youth and security forces to open blocked roads and service stations.


The prime minister said nothing yet. He is attending the Russia-Africa forum in Sochi, Russia.