Rizti Hotel:In the future, high-end hotels are far more than that.

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Steak or sound of sizzling attracts customers?  Apple cellphone, or is it the ultimate feeling of perfection that makes people willing to pay a high price Prada bag or the luxury and nobility represented by Prada that makes women flock to it?  Ivy website-> http://bit.ly/2ky4HWi

What part of the product are consumers pursuing high taste? The answer is self-evident: high-end quality, new experience, and emotional identity.

Today, the positioning of high-end hotels has gone beyond the concept of “luxury” and injected more connotations into it. Rizti Hotel Sunmei International will show you what contemporary high-end hotels look like.

The combination of hotel and art

Economic hotels are the same, high-end hotels are one in a million. Choosing high-end hotel accommodation is an expression of customers’ demand for accommodation standards and taste. Since it is located in “high-end” hotels, it is necessary to provide accommodation space and life service experience to match it.

The self-expression of customer’s taste, the elite life experience, the international focus on the African Hotel market, in the field of high-end hotels to find a balance between business and culture – and the integration of art. From the perspective of well-known and well-known works of art, we have created an art hotel brand that considers both hotel innovation and investment returns, and skillfully embraced and catered to the “critical” users.

Rizti Hotel, a high-end hotel brand with the theme of “Wakeup in Art”, helps the hotel find its own fashion coordinates and create an elegant art living space.

(Rizti Hotel)

A Spatial N Possibilities

The Art Business Hotel itself is a work of art, from space design to decoration and decoration, there is an atmosphere of art everywhere. To break the traditional border, Rizti Hotel is different from ordinary hotels in pursuit of luxury and monotonous concept, moving art into every corner of the hotel.

Rizti Hotel’s diversified spatial layout can meet the needs of the residents, including art hall, Culture and Creatives market, joint office area, bookstore, cafe, living room and bakery, multi-functional area and business form.

In Rizti Hotel, art is no longer high. Every famous painting and art work are within the reach of customers, providing them with fresh cultural experience. Every trip is a journey of self-discovery. The moment you walk into Rizti Hotel, you get into the pluralistic atmosphere of art.

(Rizti Hotel)

Brand Franchise Enables Hotels

High-end hotel market is not without doorsill, especially for the African market, which the major global international hotel groups are eager to see. If you want to quickly stand out among a number of brands, the choice of Rizti hotel with strong brand potential is the choice of “standing on the shoulder of giants”.

Quality and stable content output, real estate and property resources control, operation and income balance, want to do a good job in a high-end hotel, not only need strong capital support, more importantly, the ability of resource integration.

Sunmei International has a professional brand and operation team in the hotel industry. For more than ten years, Sunmei International has focused on the franchise service of chain hotels, with more than 4000 hotels in the world. With Rizti hotel brand as the investor, Sunmei International will work with investors to welcome the future of Africa’s high-end hotel market.

Art innovation and compound management are two major instruments of the hotel at this stage. But in the final analysis, all of this is ultimately for people. In order to improve the quality of living and let the residents have a better living experience, it is the hotel’s constant pursuit and eternal commitment to provide home-friendly service.

Are you ready to join Rizti Hotel as a high-end hotel with tone and content?

Ivy website -> http://bit.ly/2ky4HWi