Russia denotes on preserving peace in the conflict happening in Ethiopia


Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN, Anna Evstigneeva, at UNSC briefing on peace and security in Africa, said that her country is committed to reserving unity and territorial integrity of Ethiopia.

“We have listened carefully to the statements on the latest developments of the situation in Northern Ethiopia delivered by Olusegun Obasanjo, the High Representative of the African Union for the Horn of Africa region, and Rosemary DiCarlo, USG for Political and Peacebuilding Affairs. We also welcome the participation of Permanent Representative of Ethiopia to the UN in today’s meeting” she said.

Russia has watched with concern the recent developments in Ethiopian regions of Tigray, Afar, and Amhara, where clashes between the government forces and units from the TPLF, as well as their allied groups such as the Oromo Liberation Army, have been observed.

“Fighting around the cities of Dessie and Kombolcha last week clearly demonstrated that ongoing violence leads to more casualties and dire humanitarian consequences for civilians” the Deputy Permanent Representative noted.

Russia’s particular concern is the deteriorating humanitarian situation in the areas affected by the fighting. Hostilities in Dessie and Kombolcha, where a great number of refugees and IDPs had lived even before the conflict, led to an upsurge in refugees and IDPs.

Humanitarian aid to all regions of Ethiopia must be increased. We continue to insist that such aid must be provided in close coordination with the sovereign government and in strict compliance with the basic guiding principles of the UN.

She urged all stakeholders capable of influencing the situation in Ethiopia, as well as the media, to take a responsible approach to avoid escalating the international rhetoric and fueling the already spiraling ethnic strife.

Russia is convinced that the adoption of illegal unilateral sanctions, threats of such sanctions, or refusal to provide economic assistance is counterproductive and will only worsen the situation for the already-suffering ordinary people instead of bringing about reconciliation.

There is no alternative to supporting national and regional efforts aimed at ending the intra-Ethiopian military confrontations and advancing the dialogue to restore peace and gradually achieve social and economic stabilization in Ethiopia.

At various points in their history, the Ethiopians have repeatedly demonstrated that they are capable of living in interethnic harmony and building their common state.

The general election this year, held in peace and in line with democratic standards, reaffirmed this idea. A high level of support for the government was demonstrated at recent mass demonstrations in Addis-Ababa, she said.