Signed-Deal-Disarmed ONLF


The Somali region has successfully demilitarized 1740 ONLF armed members. The official ceremony for the disarmament of ONLF fighters was attended by the regional president Mustafa Omar and ONLF Chairman of Admiral Mohamed Umer Usman.

According to the region statement, the 1740 forces the disarmed forces will be integrated into the regional security force or civil servant office. The deal ceremony was conducted two days after the regional president lifted the immunity of 6 former officials.

Since taking office as Somali Regional President, Mustafa has been taking bold steps in reforming the region. In related news during a press conference, President Mustafa harshly criticized Tigray region for being the region who refuses to hand over federal wanted criminals and for blocking roads on the military. While also affirming the commitment and historic contribution of Somali people in protecting the 2000 km border of Ethiopia.